Cait + Michael

A Greenhouse Engagement

Not liking Cait would be the same as not liking a golden retriever puppy. She is so lovely and encouraging and kind that you can’t help but enjoy her company. Makes sense that her fiancee is every bit as nice.

You can tell these two crazy about one another, and excited to get married. She smiled through the entire thing and all he wanted to do was kiss her. Mind you, when your whole relationship is long distance there is a lot of kissing to catch up on.

I sent them running around the Experimental Farms, through the snow and then retreating into the warmth of the greenhouse. They laughed, chased one another around the circle and enjoyed the last hour or two they had together before he drove home again. Time spent together is precious and I can’t believe my couples trust me with theirs. And that I won’t make their public makeout sessions too awkward while I capture their version of true love.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.

Robert Mckee