Anni + Payton

Cole Mountain Sunrise Session

Anni and Payton are two of the cutest humans on the earth; I was stoked when they got on board to do this sunrise, mountain shoot.

Cole Mountain is an hour away but the early bird gets the worm. So at 5:45 am me and Anni showed up to Payton’s house only to find him very much asleep! But a quick wake up call and some coffee to get him moving were enough to get him out the door 15 minutes later.

We wound our way through the dark Virginian mountains for the next 40m until the skies finally began to lighten. We hit the base of the dirt road and bumped along it as the sun continued to race us.

Minutes before the sun was truly rising we parked and hustled up the hill. I didn’t even have time to change from Birks to runners. But we made it just in time to catch the last golden edges of the sunrise. I seriously thought this location only existed in my dreams. It was magic.

I made Anni and Payton run all through this big old field and it was a joy. I love capturing the heart of these couples and seeing them run around together. This is one of my favorite shoots to date. Can’t wait for more of these.

If you’re interested in booking your shoot check out the contact form on the website. Or email me at I’m in Virginia until May. let’s make the most of it.

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